#1 [FREE] [OMNI-07] SubXyco - Live Works 2001​-​2004 von craP_cillA 18.04.2022 01:50


Omnicore Records is proud to present a release by SubXyco from Germany, who you might know from such labels as Speedcore Worldwide, Rotjecore or Rotterdam Beats. While this is a new release, we are actually going into the past: this is a collection of some of his earlier works (he began producing music in 1999). Live jamming with a very analogue feeling, reminding us a lot of early to mid-90s Acid, Techno and Hardcore productions; added with eclectic influences from genres such as Hardtrance, or even a little bit of Goa and EBM.
Yet we think this is also a very modern production; it's creating a bridge between the Oldschool and the present world of music.
And, without any doubt, there is something very unique about these tracks, outside of genre limitations and concepts.
All tracks are in a newly Remastered edition.
So, without any further ado, here we go again!


Download: https://doomcorerecords.bandcamp.com/alb...works-2001-2004

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