#1 [FREE] [SWAN-183] HateWire - Laborious Fucking Toil von craP_cillA 11.10.2020 14:09



01. HateWire vs. Capta1n Cha0s - Supervirus
02. HateWire vs. Grandfather Nebulous - Omnicide
03. HateWire vs. Black_Death - Drowning In Your Own Blood
04. Lo-Frequency Ordainment (Mori Lucrum's Hammer Mix)
05. HateWire vs. Shirley Crabtree - Big Daddy By A Knockout (In Memory Of James Houlihan)
06. HateWire vs. Capta1n Cha0s - Somnambulistic Mind Control
07. HateWire vs. Andy Robot - A Little Bit Of Poetry (feat. Yayzus)
08. Lo-Frequency Ordainment (Mori Locrum's Life Portal Mix)
09. Live @ The Gryphon (Bristol - 18.01.2020) (Bonus Track)

Download: https://speedcoreworldwideaudionetlabel....us-fucking-toil

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