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Dreifach-Compilation im Stil alter Gabber-Tracks.

1. E('de DJ Team - Gabber ben je niet voor even, Gabber ben je voor je hele leven 03:09
2. Triple H - Nitro 03:12
3. MC B82 - Gabber Gabber 03:28
4. Headkick - Excited! 04:37
5. Mister DJ - Come in Mister DJ (Wan Bushi remix) 05:33
6. Stormtrooper - I lost my Innocence in München Riem 03:56
7. Audiotist - Ghetto Booty Gabba (remix) 04:14
8. Project XTC - Are you Ready? 04:20
9. 1NC1N - Raising (Across the Journey) 06:55
10. King Africa - Bomba (Barlog Mastemacore remix) 04:31
11. DJ Ad - Check my Sound! 05:23
12. Bloodclot - Smiles for the Dead 05:25
13. Arvid - Wicked 04:36
14. Paranoid Demon - ? ??? ???????! (We don't Fuckin' Care!) 06:08
15. Tiny Tot - Discoland (CTS bootleg) 04:37
16. Rave Busterz - We Come from Bochum City (25 Years @ The Speed Garage Resniff) 05:07
17. Xeno - Rotterdamn 04:02
18. The Manipulator ft. The Soul Seeker - Game Over 05:35

1. =XTRECIST= - Achtung! 03:48
2. Chryzis - The Law (1993 mix) 03:20
3. Bang Man - Darkness 06:33
4. Xeno - Sad Doom of a Dark Soul 04:45
5. Rodox Trading - Something is Weird 06:49
6. 3 Past 3 - S950 Baptism 03:41
7. Digital Blood - VetteBeats.nl 04:31
8. Marlo Mels - Dirty 03:29
9. Woodtekker - I can't Feel my Brain 04:02
10. DJ Ad - Juno What? 05:34
11. Da Highlandz - Tight like Denims on a Fat Ass 03:02
12. Project XTC - Rave Rotterdam 04:46
13. Stormtrooper - A Portal to Hit FM Hall 04:06
14. DJ Sim - Cartoons in Progess (Casketcrusher bootleg remix) 06:24
15. Paranoid Demon - AKM 05:05
16. 1NC1N - Kickin' Therapy 05:08

1. Nano.Strike - Alien Invasion 03:56
2. DJ Buckaroo - Hell on Earth (Tribute to Ruffneck) 04:32
3. Casketcrusher & The Soul Seeker - Pussy (Casketcrusher remix) 04:21
4. Dr. L16HT - Blaster 03:05
5. Hardcorps - Hardcorps Continues (CTS bootleg) 06:04
6. ROG Hardcore - 10 Dreamz 07:30
7. Xeno - Something Strange 05:07
8. Arvid - Insanity 05:15
9. Dandy Assholes - Alarmfase Gabbers 04:18
10. Underground Nation of Rotterdam - Ik wil Dansen (Paasbos Mafia Remikkkzzz) 03:02
11. Low Entropy - Oldschool Workout 05:27
12. Maladroit - Abraxas God to Go 04:27
13. DJ Pistache - Pink Parts 03:29
14. Hyperdriver - .... has Left the Building! 02:09
15. Scousenbluten - Pyah Hardcore 04:46
16. Prince ov Darkness - Book of the Dead 04:11

Download: https://gabbaretrecords.bandcamp.com/

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Mal morgen im Auto abchecken...

#3 RE: Gabberet Records - Fucked by Fifi [GBBR20a-c] von Destiny 19.04.2019 14:13


Rave Busterz - We Come from Bochum City (25 Years @ THE SPEED GARAGE Resniff)


"The journey of the Rave Busterz started 25 years ago at the Innovation Rave.
After the gig of the Inferno Bros. from Frankfurt
Marc Acardipane said:
The Rave Busterz are the New Kids On The Block of the techno-scene.
After 3 days he spoke with the mother from DiamXL
And he said:
My name is Marc.
Marc with C
From PCP!"

"The Boys from the Rave Busterz Gang growe up on the Streets of Bochum CityRuhrare/Germany. They always wanted to live in the Starlight... In the early 90..s they went to some new Tekkno Party..s and the Friends took some Drugs or something like this... The first step into the Showbuisiness was a Tekkno Party in Bochum City... The Demolition Rave... this Party was a fully creative thing they made no money but they stood on stage in front of more than 4000 Headbangers from Germany and the Netherlands... The Rave Busterz was the first real tekkno Group in Bochum witch was influenced by the Hardcore Szenes from Frankfurt and Rotterdam... After that they used play at different Raves in the Ruharea and one of them was the Innovation Rave III... a Tekkno Party only with Live Acts from Europe... After the Rave Buterzs show PCP Inferno Brothers from Frankfurt played live on Stage and the Sound was so hard and crazy for the Guys, that they thought we were from another Dimension... After the Gig presented by PCP they talked to Marc Acardipane and he wanted have a Tape from the RaveBusterz, he liked the Live-Show, the mixing from underground Tekkno and the Commercial Style with MC..s, Foodworker and the nice DancerLadys... He said: The Rave Busterz are the New Kids from the Block in the Tekkno-Szene... After 3 Days he spoke with the Mother from DiamXL and He said: My Name is Marc with C from PCP... send the Guys to Frankfurt and I make some new Mixe..s from the Produktions and I put it on my Label PCP and also I have a good contact to Sony Dance Pool... We make money with the Boys from the Hood... Later he put two Songs on PCP-Records We come from Bochum-City and 1-2-3-4 a smashing 190Bpm TekknoHardcoreTrack and a smove Shoop Style Track... this Track..s come..s from Andre Tanneberger aka Atb aka Sequntial One... he produced the Songs togehter with the 4 Boys from the Rave Busterz Clan... and then came a contact with SonyDancePoll in action and they wanted the Rave Busterz as a Group in the TekknoSzene like z.B. The Prodigy... The Rave Busterz took the Chance and they made a really cool Video in a Club in Bochum ... The Planet... togehter with more than 230 Friends in a cool Atmosphere... the 230 Friends said all togehter We are Rave Busterz... you know what I mean In the next years the Rave Busterz played at different Partys in Germany as a DJ-Team or Live, but the way for the Boys was so hard and full in action... Yannik went to London and Australia... CY Ryu went to Amsterdam and Valencia... Cyrus went to Portugal and the Rookie Producer DiamXL went to the Psychatrie in Bochum because he has got a Psychose from the fucking Drugs and something like that... Now the new Main Producer from the Rave Busterz is DiamXL... he have Contact per E-Mail and Phone with the other Guys and every Day he prays for a better tomorrow and he makes music for the independet online Label 112-MUSIC. The Rave Busterz are back, only music for the last fans from the Busterz and for the new People in the fucking Tekkno Buisiness... I dont know where but somewhere we will see the Rave Busterz live on Stage, like the Live Act..s from the early 90..s but the People and the kids want HipHop and Rap and PoP and Rock and they dont know what they are doing in the Future but one point is clear...


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Der Hit des Jahres.

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schon weggeclaimt?

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Hab die ersten zwei mal an-/durchgehört, bisher wieder ziemlich viel Shovelware...

Gefallen haben mir bisher nur Digital Blood - VetteBeats.nl (wegen schwer einschätzbarem Zerfickungsfaktor und massiver Rumpelquietsche) und The Manipulator ft. The Soul Seeker - Game Over (wobei Letzterer Track schon älter ist, hatte ich schon ne Weile...). Woodtekker - I can't Feel my Brain ist auch noch ganz nett, wegen Hypnosegefahr.

Edit: Hmja, auf CD3 nix dabei für mich.

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Zitat von Sampler19
schon weggeclaimt?

Berlin macht Stress.

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