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Remember back in the days when i made the track called MINDCONTROLLER? (I control your mind, don't have to go deeper, i'll be the dream and you'll be the sleeper etc etc)

Well the MC for that famous rhyme was The Entertaining R, better known as Remco Hoogendoorn. He was the very first official MC I used in my Ruffneck alliance live performances. Some people who went to the energiehal in Rotterdam or Goldfinger etc to see our performance have seen him do his thing in stage.

He is one of my oldest friends and back in the days (somewhere in 1992 i believe) i recorded the vocal that i have used in this track. I always loved the vocal but for some reason could not use it properly, so i just held on to it for that one day i knew was coming ....UNTILL now! 2019...about 27 years later i finally made the track that honors the vocal which has been kept safe on several harddrives over this really long life span.

I am really proud to say that i REALLY really love this tune a lot and believe i truly did my friend justice by creating this track around it in a truly painstaking accurate ruffneck track that could have easily been a classic from the era between 1993 - 1998

And now....I can FINALLY spin it after more than 27 years of waiting.

I proudly present to you Ruffneck as DJ Ruffneck - Napalm (Burn!)

* Screaming Alpha Junos - CHECK
* Breakbeats - CHECK
* Thundering kicks - CHECK
* Awesome screaming oldschool vocal - DOUBLE CHECK
* DJ Ruffneck favourite - MOST DEFINITELY

All three previews are off course to be found on the Vinyl which will be available at my party tomorrow TivoliVredenburg / By Night during my 25 years of ruffneck party. (19.01.2019)

1. Ruffneck (as DJ Ruffneck) - Napalm (Burn!)
2. Ruffneck (as Wedlock) - Mirrors
3. Ruffneck (as D'Spyre) - 5.31 Minutes To D'Spyre


VINYL: https://www.discogs.com/Ruffneck-Napalm-Burn/master/1492816

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