#1 RE: Industrial Speedcore Black Metal Mix Part 3 von Low Entropy 24.03.2018 01:25


Industrial Black Metal is the fiercest, most aggressive and evil form of music in the moment. Related to it are genres such as Blackened Speedcore and Industrial Death Metal. Find a new selection of some of the most heavy tracks in these genres around in the moment. Protect your head, be prepared, and be cautious! Enthusiasists of bonecrushing sounds should be pleased with this one.


01. helel - dixi (deuxième tentative industrielle)
02. funeral for god - heathen warrior
03. semargl - esthetical murder
04. estuarine - formulated apex succession
05. caitiff - prayer's pitifuld yield
06. helel - radiant satvrna regna
07. estuarine - eternal womb terminal
08. caitiff - panic attack
09. funeral for god - christian plague
10. helel - malgnose deux zero
11. alien deviant circus - maha pralaya
12. ruinizer - detritus
13. caitiff - refusing heaven to the very last
14. semargl - devil in me
15. alien deviant circus - aham tattva
16. funeral for god - anarchy reigns
17. semargl - cult of the crucified
18. estuarine - choir of infinity
19. alien deviant circus - mrityu moksha
20. funeral for god - b.c.


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