#1 RE: Rübezahl live in Wartenberg von Rübezahl 11.02.2018 15:27


Diese Aufnahme ist Atze gewidmet, irgendwann schaffen wir es noch


Hear now the story of Kemal, a young prince of the East, descendant of Sinbad,
who thought he could change the world, but bitter is the will of Allah, and dark are the souls of men.

In the eastern lands
once upon a time
the purse was empty
the water stale

in Mosul, in Basra
in the old date palm
in bitterness are crying
the children of the desert

and a young man
of royal blood
witnesses the dirge
and veers towards it

The Bedouins look at him
with a sorrowful glance
and he swears in the name of Allah
that the times will change

When the lords heard
of the boy's fearlessness
they set off with a wolf's fang
and a lion's fleece

From Tiger to Euphrates
and from the earth to the sky
they're hunting down the renegade
to catch him alive

#2 RE: Rübezahl live in Wartenberg von ZaraPaz 13.02.2018 01:06


atze ist quasi der wiedergeborene kemal? mit oder ohne allahs segen?

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