#1 RE: 23.02.2018: Teknohall (Discussion and Party) @ Köpi137 von mashkalji 07.02.2018 19:28

28th Köpi House Birthday

Here we go again! We are happy to announce a great tekno night within the frame of the majestic 3-days Köpi Birthday 2018.

The party will exceptionally take place in the Sport Hall!!
*Come and celebrate with us*

For this unique occasion we can´t wait to welcome in Berlin some very special friend:

Samoth (EXIT23)
Sjrs (EXIT23)
Uindigo (Narcosis / Violent Cases)
Daniel Hall (Violent Cases)
Patient 0 (a_sound)

Since many of the people involved in this event are among the most actives in several underground networks, we thought to catch this chance and make the point of the situation about the tekno movement.
Join us from 9PM for the discussion / round table:

*"Critical analysis of commercialization and un/politicization of the tekno movement"*

It does not matter what is your position, we want to have an open confrontation to highlight the current tendencies and, if needed, to find solutions in order to influence the scene in a positive way.

Last but not least from 6 PM:
Exhibition Opening and Live Painting: WUARKY

* While having already sought creative expression throughout childhood,Wuarky's artistic practice began, upon concluding secondary school, with his enrollment in a course for children's illustration. Simultaneously he took a strong interest in both editorial design and the design of album artwork. Building on a strong background in grati, Wuarky started his career as a streetartist with murals and posters in 2016. Constructed from a palette of political and religious Symbols, Wuarky's works address today's society and iconoclastically put into question not only capitalism itself, but also it's role
as a modern day ideology *

Visuals & Decos: Claer + Patient 0


for the complete program check https://koepi137.net/gix.html

#2 RE: 23.02.2018: Teknohall (Discussion and Party) @ Köpi137 von indy 08.02.2018 15:55


+1000 für das Thema der Diskussion

#3 RE: 23.02.2018: Teknohall (Discussion and Party) @ Köpi137 von FaTeR 08.02.2018 15:58


Sind wir schon wieder in den 90ern?

#4 RE: 23.02.2018: Teknohall (Discussion and Party) @ Köpi137 von indy 08.02.2018 16:02


kannste ja mitdiskutieren

"alles halb so schlimm und das war schon immer so" bringts halt auch nicht.

btw, das lineup fetzt. und die PA auch

#5 RE: 23.02.2018: Teknohall (Discussion and Party) @ Köpi137 von FaTeR 08.02.2018 16:17


Nach 25 Jahren hab ich einfach keinen Bock mehr auf "Alles Scheiße! Ihr seid alle Scheiße! Alle Nazis! Blablabla...".
Genau darauf läuftz doch immer hinaus.

Selbstzerfleischung von Gruppierungen bis man nur noch alleine is und dann den Laden dicht machen kann.
Irgend jemand is immer doof und irgend jemanden is immer mehr true, mehr politisch richtig, mehr hardcore, mehr irgendwas.

Was ich diesbezüglich schon an Zerstörung von kreativen Bewegungen, aktiven Gruppen, Szenen und Machern erlebt habe... es reicht einfach.
Und die destruktiven jammern dann noch rum wieso keiner mehr da und keiner mehr Platten kauft etc.

Ausserdem: was erwartet einen denn sonst so in einer Diskussionsrunde unter unseresgleichen?

Gerne lasse ich mich durch positive Erkenntnisse und reale Ergebnisse überraschen.

#6 RE: 23.02.2018: Teknohall (Discussion and Party) @ Köpi137 von Damned 08.02.2018 16:46



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