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YaYa23015 is arriving to Berlin under the veil of " Unbroken Constancy " and audio navigators from all over Europe and nearby pirate islands will gather for a kickin rave on Friday 12.01.2018
in Berlin , transmitted on the direct driven 15K soundinstallation.

The experimental stage will be hosted by !! No?seBegr?ff !!

Presale will exclusively be in YAYA23 / Praxis record store in Lenbachstr. 9, 10245 Berlin. Limited capacities !

Line Up Yaya23 Floor :

Sikaflex (Ugly Funk , GB)
The Illusionist (MackiTek , De)_ Liveset
Vortex Dynamix (Cyberrise , De)
D - Omen (Desert Storm, GB)_ Liveset
Re;not vs PeteOnSpeed (ATNT - Peace is Dead, fIL/CZ)_ Liveset
Ivo Canna (Cyberrise , Int.)

Line Up No?seBegr?ff Floor:

Cri ( Fuck You . Emptyness )
Christoph Fringeli ( Praxis )
No Difference _Liveset
Lynx ( Praxis )
Grindmaster Flesh/Zombieflesheater ( Kritik Am Leben )

Start 23:00 End 10:00

Kulturhaus Kili
Wiesenweg 5-9, 10365 Berlin

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