#1 RE: [Noize] Entfernte Verwandte - Live at K:ITA (Zhark) von Messias 13.03.2010 22:37


Yann Keller - Self made Upright Bass
Hecate - Vocals
Julian Percy - Guitar
Farah Hatam - Live Electronics

This recording is from the vaults of our improv recordings dating back from 2007-2008. Our artist community living and working space in Berlin shifted between being a vortex of chaos, noise, and substance abuse to a full gallery, cinema, and music/graphics studios for the respective artists. The one year project facilitated many fruitful collaborations, one of them being ENTFERNTE VERWANDTE. This specific piece is the best representative of what we were aiming for sonically with our improv project. Over 10 hours of our recordings still exist on one of Julian's several harddisks, waiting to be sorted, remixed and edited. Since the untimely death of the K:ITA project each musician featured here has gone on to perform and record in several places around the world. The essence of this piece, with its titanic waves of despair, is a deluge which will leave you drowned in your own unease.
A meditation on tension and negative space.

http://zhark.org/compilations/entfernte_...wandte.zip"; class="postlink

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