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In 2014 I did a 4 track session - not in one night, but on several days, creating 4 Acid Techno tracks. It was part of a yearlong interest in creating techno music with a psychedelic 60s twist, with a heavy focus on improvisation and space sounds.
The first track I did, "The Advent Of Acid" was released on Zuur one year later and featured samples by Ken Kesey of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Kool Aid Acid Test fame. Another track, "Really Into This Space Stuff" was released in 2016, again on Zuur, together with Techno Stomper, an EBM Acid kinda track. It features samples from a kitschy 80s SciFi Teen movie.
But two tracks remained. Out There and Under Watch, again with movie samples, and again being a very heavy Acid Techno affair. The use of samples is so that a psychedelic effect is intended on the listener. Bonus track is an older Acidcore track by me, "The Youth Of America On LSD".
This is your first chance to hear these tracks on a release. Enjoy!


1. Out There (Short Version) 04:19
2. Under Watch (Short Version) 03:34
3. Out There (Long Version) 13:50
4. Under Watch (Long Version) 13:52
5. The Youth Of America On LSD 04:39

Previews + Download: https://lowentropy.bandcamp.com/album/acid-spikes

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