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Da dieses Jahr die Etappe "20 Jahre Low Entropy" erreicht ist, habe ich einige alte Tracks digital neureleased.
Stil: Breakcore, Speedcore, Acidcore

Released and unreleased tracks, some of them originally released on vinyl on labels like Widerstand, Kougai and Blut, but for the first time the original masters of these tracks are available in digital quality.

01. Anarchize (OM) 06:51
02. Disharmonic (OM) 06:35
03. I Am God (OM) 05:09
04. Fuck.It (OM) 03:46
05. Retaliation (OM) 05:07
06. They Want You Dead (OM) 01:32
07. Neuromancer Remix (OM) 03:34
08. Orbital Bombing (OM) 04:14
09. Melodic (OM) 04:15
10. Desire (OM) 04:27
11. Moonlight By Night 04:03
12. Stomp 01:56
13. Apocalypse Soon (Mix 3) 06:56
14. Starting Up (OM) 03:09
15. Flatline (OM) 03:40
16. Realität (Mix 2) 03:49
17. Society (Has No Further Use For You) (OM) 03:05
18. Turn The Key 02:42
19. I Am God (Mix 3) 05:15
20. Fuck.It (Alternate Mix) 04:46
21. Bing 00:16
22. Fauch 2 00:07
23. Guitar 02:37
24. Hinterhalt (OM) 02:06
25. Over And Out (OM) 02:11
26. Tales Of Fog And Pogo (Mini Mix) 13:58


The original master files for the Acid Massacre EP. After 15 years, this is the first chance for you to get these original tracks in digital quality, and an unreleased bonus track.

1. Urban Uprising (Original Master) 07:12
2. Back To The Oldschool (Original Master) 03:12
3. Massmedia Thought Control (Original Master) 06:28
4. Farewell Old World (Original Master) 04:12
5. Suck My Cock (Original Master) 05:07
6. Suck My Cock (Long Version) (Original Master) 06:23


2017 is the year where I'm producing music for 20 years now. There will be many special things this year, and this is another one. I started producing at the age of 16. After I had my first few tracks, I was planning to release them on my own label on a CD. I called the label "Techno Hardcore Anarchy" or THA Records. Problem was. I lacked the funds to do a real pressing of CDs. I found someone who might give me money if I could convince him people would buy 500 CDs. So I set up a webpage with some info and the option for pre-order and did some self-made advertising. The result was that after a few months, I had one pre-order, I think it was from the Kielce Terror Squad. The plans for the CD were scrapped then. I had burned a few copies on CD-R though, and while looking through my collection I found one of them again. As it never got a real release, I had the idea to at least release it online - almost 20 years later. You find on here some of my very first tracks. Some have been released elsewhere later, but a lot of them are here in digital quality for the first time, also they have the original raw sound of those days. Needless to say, they all were made in MS-DOS on a tracker program.

01. Login 02:54
02. Core Dump 04:20
03. Flatline 03:35
04. Tactical Bombing 04:43
05. Adrenaline Junkie 04:06
06. Electrocution 05:32
07. Alienation 04:48
08. Riot 2017 07:26
09. Anarchize 06:53
10. Relax 11:59
11. Cyberspace 14:00


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Hervorragend. Ich muss mal gucken, wie man das ehm sich aneignet. So janz kapitalistisch nech

#3 RE: Low Entropy Alte Tracks von Schwanzy 24.08.2017 23:04


müsste auch mein 20 jahr werden.
lass eine party gemeinsam schmeißen, brudi!

#4 RE: Low Entropy Alte Tracks von craP_cillA 24.08.2017 23:10


ich bin erst 14 jahre alt!^^

@tracks: dickes danke! :*

#5 RE: Low Entropy Alte Tracks von Low Entropy 25.08.2017 00:25


Zitat von zyklo
Hervorragend. Ich muss mal gucken, wie man das ehm sich aneignet. So janz kapitalistisch nech

Ist "pay what you want"

#6 RE: Low Entropy Alte Tracks von Low Entropy 25.08.2017 00:26


Zitat von craP_cillA
ich bin erst 14 jahre alt!^^

@tracks: dickes danke! :*

Hoffe es gefällt! Die Speedcore Originaltracks von dem Blut-Release sind auch dabei.

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