#1 RE: 20.5. MBF-Soliparty im Rauchhaus, Berlin von indy 20.05.2017 13:46


We start at 8pm (20 o'clock) with food for Le Tanz Circuit’s - LTC - open fair „Anderes“ in south italy in august.
In the meanwhile you‘re tasting the delicious dinner you can enjoy the concerts of WIRRSAL (HC-Punk) and MAAR (fiese Kruste).
Around midnight Drew – Suspect Device - opens the night with drum’n’bass to a massive oldschool freetekno-party the whole night through.

The benefit is for our MBF-action at the 21st of June 2017 in Berlin and also to support underground soundsystems, raves, freepartys, freetekno movement, free spaces, places, journeys and tours in this summer, here and anywhere, as also some independent diy southern travel organisatione… …so, stay tuned!

* Bands, Wirrsaal (Hardcorepunk), Maar (Crustpunk)
* Elektro Liveplay
* YaYa Soundsystem
* Tekno with K
* Drumnbass
* Küfa
* Infocorner
* Merch
* Meetngreet
* Friends
* DJ's:
Drew (Suspect Device)
G.I.T.S. (SDS Crew)
Yaya (Cyberrise)
Nautilus (A-Sound)

@ Rauchhaus
Mariannenplatz 1 A


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