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In the beginning, the Hardcore Techno scene had heavy ties to the tracker / mod / demo-scene.
A lot of Hardcore tracks made it from being created on trackers to being released on vinyl or CD and became "hits" - like the output of Hardsequencer, Neophyte, Nasenbluten or Cybermouse showed.

But a lot of it never made it to a physical release, and was instead created, distributed and enjoyed in the digital mod scene - spread on BBS systems, the early internet, or just diskettes.

It's a hidden treasure of sound still unknown to many people. A lot of stuff from the tracker scene can definetely be compared in production, creativity, and most important, fun, to the "big" or official releases. this is a tribute mix to this sound!


01. Epidemic - Cpu-Hardcore
02. Magiel - Planet Hardcore
03. Zabba - Mission Hardcore
04. The Undertaker - Planet Hardcore 2
05. DJ Psysic - Drome (Hardcore Version)
06. Daxx - Hardcore Remix
07. Tebirod - Hardcore TBR
08. Killraven - Hardcore Dumped
09. David Gerber - Hardcore Is Power
10. TBC - Hardcore Ravemix 12
11. David Lindstrom - Evil Hardcore
12. Daxx - Hardcore Vibes Remix
13. Pill-E - Hardcore Massacre
14. Hoshi - Hardcore Anthem
15. Dr. Avalanche - Hardcore Bitch
16. Humanoid - Hardcore Drill JB '94
17. Doq - Hardcore World
18. Rave Robban - Cyber-2000 Hardcore
19. Unknown Composer - Hardcore Heaven
20. Fireboy - Hardcore Techno FBY
21. DMA SC - Hardcore-Poration


#2 RE: Tribute To Tracker Hardcore Mix von Low Entropy 11.04.2017 21:46


es gab beschwerden wegen dem harten panning. aber so war das amigaformat eben. tip: auf speakern statt auf kopfhörern hören.

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