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It was a sunny day in december. The dangerous mexican criminal got of his horse, took off his head and started to ride on a naked bastard called the shittaker. This was the beginning of a true love story.

01. Hermann Bohlen – Das Luxurieren der Bastarde (short Bootleg)
02. Fartsample
03. Political Errection – Famous
04. ? - Sdw
05. Political Errection – Famous Pt.2
06. Stak Etop & Del_F64.0 – Partyhelm
07. Makosan – Crowded Opera
08. Political Errection – Convulsive Fart Defender
09. ? - Das geile Lied
10. Political Errection – Fuckball Succer Cupe
11. Del_F64.0 – Lass mich an dein Geschlechtsorgan!
12. Breakdance Kirmes Field Recording
13. Del_F64.0 – Knüller
14. Darkangerrr – Poésie des bruits hesitants
15. CEPplet – Judgement day (we have arrived)
16. Unknown artist – Japanese title
17. Leichenkommissariat - there´s not much going on in otaku molesters life, but now he got a diss-e.p. renamed after him and he would go to show to anyone if the title´s wouldn´t be that fuckin cool and if he would have any friend, it is a pity
18. Maniac – Wollt ihr Verlängerung
19. Clarissa Maintheme
20. Leichenkommissariat - this track is fucking great, its not about how wack otaku molester is it is about how to please a girl with a small dick when she is having to pee
21. Andi Arroganti – Benzin in Berlin
22. Zen Disco – Live at Echokammer
23. Venderstrooik & Del_F64.0 – Blaulicht kapot pt.2 (unreleased)
24. Youtube – Der Zeuge Jehovas Islam Interview
25.Venderstrooik & Del_F64.0 – Blaulicht kapot pt.3 (unreleased)
26. Knut Hansen – Jayhova Kritik
27. Leichenkommissariat – The beatwhore power pussy
28. Youtube – Meine erste Durianfrucht
29. Del_F64.0 – Weiter geht’s mit dem Rind
30. Nakurwiator Umys?ów – D.O.M.E.S.T.O.S.
31. Syndrom Europejskiego Spawacza - Zwierz?ta Waldusia
32. Unknown Artist – Fuja
33. Lachpillenonkel - Zimtstollenintoleranz

Alcohol is not a solution if you do not mix it with hard party drugs!
My favorite football club is fetish heaven 999 elmstreet, we can go together there and suck some innocent feet of a dark tree, the dices will decide who is the first ridiculous sexslave and who is second. This is tradition there as also getting nervous if the cops come. They have worse horses than us and they want to steal ours claiming these would be stolen from the government. It is a cheap dirty trick they know for over 50 years now and it never fails - this is why I prefer to go by bike. Some people say it could be a bad idea because the cops would also steal bikes and sell em to the junkies to get information about hidden male prostitutes near the 57th Avenue, but I think this is a lie. The officer with the brown dirty moustache never asked me about the 57th avenue he always just wanted to know where to get an earlie donut and a coffee for breakfast. I always sent him to the wrong house so my little friends could escape from the basement of the neighboors house where they had brought the stolen bikes they had bought from the junkies to sell em to the male prostitutes from the 59th avenue, some cute boys with a strange drinking behavior. I know this story sounds a bit dangerous and its true, as a shittaker you are always surrounded by crazy people and have to fight or play cards. I do both.

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Schon längst in meiner Mixcloud-Queue und läuft, während ich im Büro alleine rumdümpel. Passt!

#3 RE: The Shittaker - Offensive Naked Genital Hitmix 2016 von ZaraPaz 27.12.2016 12:06


hat sich also gelohnt, noch auf Mixcloud hochzuladen ... bei uns im Wedding läuft insbesondere
Uploaden grad fast garnicht, das Uploaden bei SC dauerte 2-3 Stunden (150MB) und bei mixcloud
ging garnicht, immer abgebrochen, hab ich dann auf einem Hannoveraner Laptop nachgeholt. Schöne
Grüße aus Springe und einen guten Tropfen Wennigsener Sluck sowie einen invertierten linksterroristischen
Hitlergruß auf die Hörerschaft und das nackte Genital von George Michael und aller sonstigen Speedcoreprominenz,
den schwellenhütenden Klopunks und wer sich sonst noch so
schwanzlutschend auf den Nordcoredamentoiletten herumptreibt.

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