#1 RE: LFP #009 - 14anger (Oldschool) von Destiny 11.07.2016 21:23



My new podcast for Lethal Frequency Podcast is a very special one ! It's a selection of oldskool / early rave tracks mixed in the way of a megamix, like in the 90s. There is 55 tracks, mixed live without edits, including Utah Saints, DJ Omar Santana, Joey Beltram, Fierce Ruling Diva, CJ Bolland, Suburban knight, Slam, Robert Armani, Channel X, GTO, Altern 8, Blake Baxter, Steve Poindexter, Bizarre inc, Human Resource, Moby, Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era, Lords of Acid, The Prodigy, The Age of Love..
I hope you will like this journey into the old times !

#2 RE: LFP #009 - 14anger (Oldschool) von kowareta-vojeet 12.07.2016 08:41


Klingt vielversprechend.

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