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As Nasenbluten proceeded to get busy throughout 1993, there was a lot of time spent between the full length cassette 'albums' experimenting with new ideas and samples. These experiments were sometimes recorded to cassette and listened to repeatedly on tape decks located well away from the hardware, to try and ascertain if any of the ideas had legs (without the distraction of the sequencer visuals). Some did, a lot didn't.

Occasionally these recorded cassettes would be given a 'dEAdGirL Limited' catalogue number and dubbed off in an extremely limited quantity over the top of major record company promotional tapes of similar length. The cassettes were then sold through C&C Records Newcastle as 'filler' between the release of Nasenbluten's full length cassettes. The dEAdGirL Limited series tapes were usually limited to well under 15 copies, with the second in the series (Nasenbluten's 'Football EP' being released in a quantity of 1 (which was actually put on the shelf and sold at C&C Records).

This, the third in the series from later in 1993, contains a combination of actual finished tracks in demo form, and 'live' sequencer jams between a bunch of partially-finished zero patterns which were clearly works in progress.

'Letting Off' exists here in a 1993 demo version. It would later be slightly reworked for Nasenbluten's 1994 full length cassette album 'I'll Make Them Pay'. Both Newlands and Lubinski fingerprints are all over this version.

'Oh Dear' was an ill-conceived experiment attempting to parlay a pre-Nasenbluten dEAdGirL track into some sort of breakbeat hardcore mutation. The track isn't even sequenced correctly here and appears on the cassette as a 'live jam' series of rolling zero patterns and random samples, with the channels manually being switched in and out between patterns. A great example of an idea that had no legs and was junked, thankfully never to be completed.

'Thermonuclear War' initially appeared on Nasenbluten's first ever cassette 'Transient Ischemic Attack' earlier in 1993. It's here in a 'live' experimental form, being arseholed around with manually just to see what ridiculous tempo changes might sound like.

'Crops' appears here as a rough 1993 demo version. It was later 'finessed' and appeared on Nasenbluten's Bloody Fist 1995 full length cassette 'We've Got The Balls'.

'60 Minute Egg' also appeared earlier in 1993 on 'Transient Ischemic Attack', and was recorded again here in a short rolling zero pattern 'jam' with channels being pulled in and out of the mix in real time, until the tape ran out.
released December 1, 1993

DGL003 is a series of partially failed Newlands '93 experiments. Lubinski sounds like he probably had a hand in this version of 'Letting Off' as well. It's been captured here direct from a 'retail' copy of the cassette originally sold through C&C Records, and kindly supplied by Newcastle resident BF collector Jason Gillett. There are some tape dropouts and sonic artifacts, and no cleaning up was done. It's free to download but if you feel like throwing some cash our way it will be spent on beer. Guaranteed.

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Sehr geil.

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... It's free to download but if you feel like throwing some cash our way it will be spent on beer. Guaranteed.

Ist doch mal ne Ansage.

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