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After The Massacre's "Disobedience" single tour in 2009, TNI goes to the next level...

In 2010 a variety of TNI soldiers gonna conquer the planet in the wake of
"Massive Aggressive Tour 2010". Ready for war?! Are you prepared for our troops?

The Tour will start on the 6.2.2010 in Poland; goes via Oberhausen with a TNI Floor @ Raving Nightmare, will stop for our 6 years anniversary in Zurich and probably end up on the other side of the globe. We have more confirmed countries like CH, DE, FRA, IT, RUS, CAN, USA, BE and ESP. Working on UK, IRL, CZ, GR, SWE, AUS, JAP right now.

You wanna work with us? Send an email to the-massacre@terrornoize-industry.net
and tell us what your ideas are.

Fresh new merchandising like shirt, hoodies, tour CD and a tour track done by guitar mastermind BONEHEAD, radio shows etc.

We are connecting some of the dates with the first Jimmy S European Tour (!) and gonna bring some crazy American guys back to Europe!!!

Additional info?s you gonna find on:
http://www.terrornoize-industry.net"; class="postlink

more soon.

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Raving Nightmare ? Man?s Inhumanity / 27.03.2010

Spring 2010 is the period in which the yearly German edition of Raving Nightmare will be held. It?s looking good. Since 2004 it has been organized 6 times in Germany already! In 2004, 2005 and 2007 the unforgettable editions took place in Frechen/Köln. Afterwards it moved to the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen where the title Fractured Minds reflected this edition perfectly. According to lots of people it was one of the best editions ever!

In 2009 a new step was made, to the König Pilsner Arena in Oberhausen. This ?Laws Unwritten ? was a megaproduction in a toplocation.

But blood doesn?t crawl where it can?t go?. And for the 2010 edition UHM wanted to program more musicstyles again, it had to go back to the Underground, more industrial, more basic. So the conclusion was: back to the Turbinenhalle! So at March 27th not 4, not 5, but 6 areas will be opened this time! The ?old Turbinenhalle disposition? will be open! So the extra area everyone has missed all that time, you can crawl through once again. And all that during a 12 Hour rave from 20.00 till 08.00. Uhm will do everything in it?s power to transcend the previous edition.
Expectations will be high in the sound, entertainment and lightshow. But mostly the atmosphere has been an important factor, which has been nothing less than great according to the visitors.
At 22-01-2010 the line-up will unravel. But for now we already can tip the scales just a little by telling that UHM will collaborate with 2 up to the mark partners which will be responsible for one area. One is the Swiss label Terrornoize Industry and the other is r_AW from the Third Movement Imperium which shall fill an area like only they can.

http://www.ravingnightmare.com/"; class="postlink

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