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Start: 21h

Freakwenz presents Oscilloplexe. A monthly thursday dive into music that speaks about technology.

This first time radaring Acid/Electro/Techno with:

- Ucture (Ambivalence - Boya - BE) Various IDM - DJ/LIVE
- Maciek Noworol (Breslau Techno - PL ) Dark Techno - DJ
- Curt Cocain (Freaksoundz - DE) Acid - DJ
- Rübezahl (8bit Electro - DE) DJ
- LinTendo B2B Agent Sparky (Subotnik Kombinat - DE) Various Rave - DJ´s


Acts info:

Brussels mighty dj and all true forward-thinker of electronic sound, Hugo "Ucture" Ficher is a man of many talents who kept our feet shaking and brains dancing for now more than two decades. Ucture started DJing in the early Belgian Techno days. Although his output over the past few years has been far more eclectic, he is still moving backwards and is now exploring the outer reaches of raving acid and fire-breathing beats.

From Wroclaw Poland, living in Berlin for around 4 years, Noworol has been since then deeply hooked by the Techno virus and made himself sure of it every weekend. Learning hard the techniques, he acquired a honorable know how and had the chance to play in Suicide Circus, SO36 and numerous other clubs in and out Berlin, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, UK and France. Expect tunes from Killekill, Headless Horseman, Our Circular Sound, Brothers, Avian, Unknown Precept, Modal Analysis...

Rübezahl is an ancient spirit from the mountains. He comes from the Karkonosze Mountains. He is popular for his capricious behavior. In one second he can be your best friend, help you on your way through the woods and guide you, in the next second he can be cold and dark. He is equipped with big powers. He can change his shape and even control the weather. As a DJ he has a strong fetish for breakbeats and aggresive sequencer basslines.

Dj since 2001 and plays since 2003 in Berlin city clubs.
2010 he builds FreakSoundz crew and organises gigs in Arthouse Tacheles and clubs Spielraum, Subland and Kili.
His favorite sounds are hard based, from Acid to Drum´n Bass, Breakcore and so on. Everything but minimal and house.

Both active ambassadors of the Berlin underground before it got sold to the hype conglomerate, they have organized and played in obscure gigs with battlefield skills. These two true hardliners got some old and new school timeless gems in their bags in order to revive the rave.

Entrance: on donation


Remember: Oscilloplexe and Extrem Berlin are looking for acts for these thursdays evenings! So, if you happen to be around, contact us!


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