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Pekak! Indonesian Noise 1995–2015: 20 Years of Experimental Music From Indonesia
Pekak! Indonesian Noise 1995–2015 is curated by Yogyakarta based musician and promoter, Indra Menus. He has spent the last five years compiling a massive collection of noise and experimental music from all over the archipelago of Indonesia.
The sampler version is already out on cassette from End Of The Alphabet Records (New Zealand). This tape contain 18 acts and only a small sampler of the collection. Hailing from Java, Bali, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and spots in between, the sampler charts a huge and exciting scene from the most densely populated place on earth.
The tape is already sold out but you can buy the digital album here:
Now we are trying to release the full version of the compilation that will had 123 acts from 5 islands in Indonesia started in 1995 - 2015. It will be released on audio DVD and there will be 4 records label joining force to release this, they are:
Syrphe Records (Berlin, Germany)
Relamati Records (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Mindblasting Netlabel (Yogyakarta/Purworejo, Indonesia)
Loudness Records (Samarinda, Indonesia)
Hirang Records (Samarinda, Indonesia)
We will start the production phase of the DVD in January 2016 and hopefully it will be out in February 2016.
Any support to make it happening is very welcome!


Hab noch nicht so viel gehört und hab grade nur Laptopboxen zur Verfügung, aber da wird sicher was Interessantes für euch dabei sein.

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