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Hey everyone

Below are 2 new exclusive tunes available by the end of next week. Soundsamples up this evening.


Various ? Trackaz R.N. Dainja

A1: Unibomber ? 3rd Floor
A2: No Name Applicable ? Night Of Redemption
B1: Animal Intelligence ? The World Is Mine
B2: Kybernetik ? Dark Ages

Mr. Animal Intelligence´s new Industrial Hardcore Label ?Dollar Bin Music with its great 4-tracker debut release by Unibomber, No Name Applicable, Animal Intelligence and Kybernetik is definitely a release for the fans of the ?oldschool Industrial Hardcore? music thing. Packed with uncompromising sounds, kicks, samples and what not makes this release more unique than most of the current ?nice sampled, nice arranged, nice screamed, nice over distorted?- template Hardcore records at the moment. All this, produced, mastered and packed onto the glorious 12? black crack with its ?we want the old shit back??or: ?we´re a bunch of jerks and not able to produce something better??message, makes this release to a must have in your record collection. Record title loosely copied of KRS ONE´s mid 90ies?Rappaz R.N. Dainja? releas
http://www.subvert-records.ch/subvertsho...ts_id=2755"; class="postlink

Various ? Mind Killa

A1: Medium ? Broken note
A2: Medium ? Future will be dark
B1: Medium ? Mind killa (Throttler remix)
B2: Medium & Paul Blackout ? Feeding time

Distortion Recordings is a new heavy DnB and related Breakbeats label from the UKR. Distributed by Subvert Records and managed by Medium who previously released on Hardline Rekordingz as well as MP3 EP?s on different labels. This glorious 12? Vinyl debut features two heavy DnB tracks of this combo and a great remix of ?Mind Killa? by the well known Greece producer ?Throttler?. The last, in our opinion the hardest track called ?Feeding time? is a collaboration between Medium and OZ?s Paul Blackout. Simple but heavy kicks and Break arrangements. Definitely a great debut release of this new promising label. Keep yar eyes out for further releases on this label as well.
http://www.subvert-records.ch/subvertsho...ts_id=2754"; class="postlink

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