#1 RE: [Breakcore] Zhark Int. VIII Years Compilation (Free) von Messias 04.12.2009 10:59



Starting out the new site will be our first ever free download compilation which is in honor of the XIII years Zhark has been in existence. On it you will find the usual suspects as well as new artists we are proud to present with this offering. Thirteen tracks ranging from epic cavernous fluidity to Japanese Terrorbreaks, harsh noise and the ever present brainwashing rhythms you have come to know. More free download compilations will featured here in months to come...
Join us in infamy.


Bong-Ra - Fornication of the Horned
Valav - Svetpera
Dimentia - Tentacle Dreams
Uterozzzaaa - Bad Messiah
NFX - Bones Decay
Bulkrate - Aiwass
Tomoroh Hidari - And the Moon Sends Out Her Skullkrushrays
Ratbag vs Hecate - Trial
Cannibal Brothers - Exzema
S/M - Codeine
Melanchoholics - Opium Beach Party
Nommo Ogo - Wereeel
Kanoptic Descent - Hymn of Ayin

http://www.zhark.org/compilations/zhark_...lation.zip"; class="postlink

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