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Muaha, da freu ich mich drauf

Hello there,


I'm proud to announce that my next work ?SPAM EP? will be released soon by Discontinu Records.

This EP is built in base to the many emails trash that we daily got and that do not have any type of utility, just of occupying space and to waste time.

I tried to convert this digital trash on something useable, processing this text with a ?text to voice editor?, and converting these texts on the vocal sections of the songs. ....

.. ..

The EP will be mastered soon; we are not sure about the physical format that it will take. But we are sure that there will be a free download edition.

The artwork are being designed by Sarge GraFX.

Tracklist: (Provisional Names)

1.SPAM Theme (Viagra Downtempo MIX)
2.Playing the Casino
3.Ludoapatico (Lottery Winner Funkbot Melomix)
4.Basura Sónica no Deseada I
5.Basura Sónica no Deseada II (Otra vez el puto SPAM RANDOM MIX)
7.Basura Sónica no Deseada III
8.Zombie Bot
9.Basura Sónica no Deseada III
10.Digitorgasm (Erectil Disfunction Dark Beat)
11.Pharmacy Discount

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