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In Top 3 von meine liebsten dusbstep mix von 2009

Excision - Shambala 2009

Alright guys n gals, here is my yearly mix. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did playing it to 3000+ people in the Village stage @ Shambhala this year.

For any of you who want to hear what bass music is meant to sound like, I suggest you go to Shambhala Music Festival 2010 here in Canada and check out the what PK Sound does at the village stage. I have never heard such a clean, loud, and chest pounding system with such incredible bass. After talking to Spor, Ac Slater, and Ewun after my set, they all agreed it is the best sounding outdoor rig they have ever heard. 100,000 watts of pure PK sound, thank you PK for having me play on your system, it is the best in the world. People, definitely check this out next year, I don't care how far away in the world you live.

Every track in this mix was sent to me by the producers that created them, thank you all for allowing me to put so many sick tracks together in this mix!!!!

You can grab it directly off Myspace. Big shouts go to Greg for hosting this mix.

http://www.myspace.com/excision"; class="postlink

And don't forget to check out my new track "Slayed" on the Myspace player.

Here's the tracklist in text format:

1. Excision - Subsonic*
2. Excision & Subvert- Darkness*
3. Rebel Sonix - Ankle Grinder
4. Datsik - Retreat (Excision Remix)*
5. Bassnectar - Ready 2 Rage
6. Excision & Datsik - Swagga*
7. Dz - Dubstep in Disguise*
8. Prodigy - Voodoo People (Riskotheque remix)
9. Riskotheque - Heaven and Hell
10.Downlink - Station Six*
11.Excision & Datsik - Calypso*
12.Datsik - Mechano*
13.Stereotype - Shock (Nero Remix)
14.Excision & Liquid Stranger - Get to the Point*
15.Vaski - World on Fire*
16.Stickybuds - Whalestep (acapella)
17.Excision - Dirty Shoulder*
18.Reso - Beasts in the Bassment VIP
19.Proxy - Dance Dark (Ollie & Bare Noize Remix)
20.Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy VIP
21.Chase & Status - Mad House
22.Defstar - Get Down
23.Excision & Datsik - Sin Side*
24.Excision & Datsik - Boom*
25.Spl & Triage - Bushido
26.Excision - The Village*
27.Current Value & Dean Rodell - User Error
28.Mark Instinct - Destroyed*
29.Pendulum - Ransom
30.Excision & Bassnectar- Nation
31.Dimentia & Triage - Payback
32.Audio - Pandorum
33.Aeph & Maztek - Changes
34.Triage - Crimson Glare
35.Arsenic - Decapitator (Audio Remix)
36.Tech Itch - Ruckus (Excision Remix)
37.Excision - Slayed*
38.Jakes - Rock The Bells VIP
39.The Widdler - Harrington 1200
40.The Widdler - Prehistoric World
41.Datsik - Gizmo
42.Downlink - Gamma Ray*
43.Excision & DZ - Round 2*
44.Excision & Datsik - Invaders*
45.Datsik - Galvanize
46.Excision & DZ - Yin Yang*
47.Excision & Liquid Stranger - One*
48.Excision - No Escape (Datsik Remix)*
49.Excision & Noiz - Force (Bassnectar & Excision VIP)*

* denotes tracks that are, or will be released on an Excision label (Rottun Recordings or EX7 Music)

#2 RE: [Dubstep] Excision - Shambala 2009 von Messias 18.10.2009 10:51


aaaaaaaaight, thx 8)

#3 RE: [Dubstep] Excision - Shambala 2009 von Messias 11.12.2009 21:04


oh mann, hör mir das Teil nu zum dritten mal in Folge an... hammergeiles Set

#4 RE: [Dubstep] Excision - Shambala 2009 von kret 11.12.2009 21:54

willst du noch mehr links zu solchen mixes ?

Und komm doch heute abend ins Cabaret !!! Dubstep, vielleicht nicht so hard wie Excision aber wer weiss....und der Cabaret ist wirklich ein sehr sehr schönes club ! Und die leute voll easy !!!

Wooooooble greetz

#5 RE: [Dubstep] Excision - Shambala 2009 von Messias 15.12.2009 12:35


sowas wie hier, sprich abwechslungsreich, düster & drückend, immer wieder gerne

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