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Loca: Chesters
Glogauerstr. 2, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

-Dj Blackdeath1334 (Slimelight, London)

Dj Blackdeath1334 (Francesca)starts her career in the Gothic/Industrial music scene in Italy by organising “Into the darkness”, a series of successful live music events .In 1995 she moves to London and in 1996 she starts her djing career at the club Slimelight where she still play as resident dj. Started as Dj duo with friend Betta under the names Dj Ophelia and Red Nettle, the 2 djs brought some new,different sounds to the Gothic floors of Slimelight as well as clubs Tenebrae Tarantella (Gossips) and Nefarious(Madame Jojos). In 2000 they play on the main stage at the WGT (Leipzig) and the following year Francesca starts her solo career as Dj Blackdeath1334.
Over the years Dj Blackdeath1334 has been invited to play at numerous events & clubs including: Club Underworld (Athens), Wave-Gotik treffen( Leizig), Gotham Festival(Amsterdam), Tower Transmissions (Dresden) ,Infest (Bradford,Uk), Ritual(Rome), 666 (Vienna),Club Antichrist(London),Rosa Decidua (London) ,
Kaparte Promotions(London),ILL FM(London),Noise Corruption (London),Kaos Theory (London), Nemesis(London) and different Hinomeuma events(London).
For years now,she has been the resident dj in events organised by Cold Spring Records in London.
Some of the bands she supported include: Death In June,Sol Invictus, Merzbow, MZ42, OTWATM, Sutcliffe Jugend, Jarboe, Cindytalk, Der Blutharsch, Inade, Rome, Kirlian Camera,Sieben, Winterkalte,Roger Rotor, Noisex, Asche, Xotox,Sonar,Spiritual Front,NON,...
Playing a wide range of music from Power Electronic,to Industrial, Dark Ambient,Martial,Neo-Folk,Rhythmic Noise,Old School EBM,Experimental,Electro,Minimal Wave,Dj Blackdeath1334 has created a rare following due to her darkly unique and successful style.

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Angelic Sintesis Gandoolar

?? (SISEN)





Performance by : Maria Perkances (Spain)

Visualz by Lain

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