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Cut all my tracks up into bits so I can do more of a live fuck about for the Vs set with HateWire on 12th Sept (http://www.facebook.com/events/534203986690763/?fref=ts)... This is a practice run so ain't perfect but I wanted to get something down so I can listen back and criticise myself! At the same time figured I'd put it up for download so anyone else who wants to give me shit for it can do so!! If you like this and wanna hear more drop me a message and like the following pages on faecesbook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sadistician/123226187679




NB: This is a bit vague as tracks have not been played in-full and have been fucked about with a little in an improv kinda manner... Therefore they're all "edits" compared to the "original" versions. Anyways such as it is...

01. Paranoizer feat. HateWire - For eternity (intro)
02. Sadistic Hate - Willkommen in der Holle
03. Sadistic Hate - People of Earth, ATTENTION! (Darkthrone remix)
04. The Reaper Vs DJ R-Shock Vs The Munk live mash-up/fuck-about...
05. End.User - 1/3 (Non-negotiable terrorist mix)
06. Sadistic Hate feat. Disco Cunt - Keep up, Pid (You're a bellend)
07. X-Mind - The Eye (SH remix) (Atomically Unleashed edit)
08. Sadistic Hate - Drop the Beat (Deicide remix)
09. Sadistic Hate - Because it's shit (Die emos, DIE!)

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