#1 RE: Antigen Shift - Brotherhood von ZaraPaz 05.06.2014 23:42


erst dachte ich, Schrott, aber wenn man länger reinhört, richtig gut.


The wait is finally over! Antigen Shift, the longstanding and well loved project from Ottawa’s electro industrial veteran, Nick Theriault, is back and better than ever! A new iteration was born as Theriault began to perform live with Jairus Khan (Ad•ver•sary) over the last several years. Khan soon officially joined the lineup, and hence, “Brotherhood” was born.

The collaboration between Theriault and Khan results in 14 brand new tracks brimming with a sense of fire and urgency as of yet unheard by fans of this project. The duo bring to bear a polished, rhythmic electronic soundscape featuring a depth and complexity familiar to fans of both musicians.

The energetic beats with pure techno elements pair with noisy dark electronics and capitulate between sweeping to driving and evolve into a unified sound structure which courses its way throughout the entire album.

kann man auch da hören: https://soundcloud.com/antigenshift

#2 RE: Antigen Shift - Brotherhood von Rübezahl 08.06.2014 19:43


Nee irgendwie nicht Klingt wie so ein Industrial Shpongle-Verschnitt

#3 RE: Antigen Shift - Brotherhood von ZaraPaz 09.06.2014 23:33


ja, hm, dachte ich nachher dann auch doch wieder.

#4 RE: Antigen Shift - Brotherhood von Messias 10.06.2014 17:43


Die Antigen Shift fand ich jetzt beim ersten durchhören eher durchwachsen, das AGYA Release hat mir dafür recht gut gefallen...

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