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Raving Nightmare - Divine Breed

Date: 14-11-2009
Doors: 21:00 / 07:00
Location: Mecc - Maastricht (NL)
Areas: 3
Styles: breakcore, darkcore, early hardcore, early rave, frenchcore, hardcore, industrial hardcore, oldschool, speedcore, terror, UK hardcore

Many artists have past the revenue regularly at Raving Nightmare either as deejay or a producer af vinyl/cd releases. And so it?s not strange that they will make an appearance at this jubilee edition!

Area 1 Divine intervention (Hardcore)
But also some new faces shall perform their arts this time. Names like Kasparov and The Wishmaster. And Tha Playah is back, the man who remixed the unforgettable and timeless Raving Nightmare anthem of 2004 The Prophecy Unfolds produced by Tommyknocker & The Viper!
Italy, mostly Traxtorm Records, is always highly present in a Raving line-up. And especially for this edition the famous Italian Record Label wants to come on stage in Maastricht with their live act Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied! This act consists of the crème de la crème from the Traxtorm label among others The Stunned Guys, Art of Fighters, Tommyknocker en Mad Dog. The Italian hero Jappo (aka Unexist) will complete the party and this memorable Traxtorm clique.
From the famous city Rotterdam you can also expect a live performance from no less than Neophyte! These guys are going around for quite some years now and have produced many top productions all these years. Neophyte stands for a guaranteed party with an organized chaos at the stage!
Smashing acts equel Endymion, who have shaken the former Platte Zaal in Maastricht many times. With their renewing productions in their own enzyme/endymion style they have conquered worldwide respect. So no chance they would miss Live in the Main Area.
And to complete the line-up all labels are represented by their topartists like Promo, Paul Elstak, Panic, JDA, Dione, Triax, Nexes, Meccano Twins, Mr Sinister & X-Treme.

Area 2 Dungeon of the breeds (Industrial)
As promised some successful deejay combinations will make an act de presence here. The DJ Producer from the UK & the frenchman Manu Le Malin are going to try to top their previous battles which seems an hard job to do. And the German artist The Speedfreak together with the Austrian hero Stormtrooper will deliver the second battle in which they will give their all. And yet again Mark N (Nasenbluten) will travel across the world all the way from Australia to give away an exclusive solo set in Maastricht like only he can!
No less than 5 live acts are programmed in this area! Dr Macabre from France, Matt Green from the UK, Y-Brid from France, Gabba Front Berlin from Germany and The Massacre, a hard as steel act from Switzerland which will close!
And some more asthonishing names are: DJ Tieum (FR), Armageddon Project (IT), The Outside Agency, Unexist (IT), Kristof (BE) and Pita .

Area 3 Temple of the divine (Classics)
For this jubilee edition there has been added an extra 3rd Area where the best sounds in a mix from Old Skool and Hardcore Classics from the past shall smoothly run through the speakers. The godfather of hardcore Marc Acardipane (feat Pcp) will be the only live act in this area.
The rumerous Ruffneck will present an exclusive dj set here. This man is an icon for many of the party people and has proven his worth in the hardcore scene. Just like the Forze DJ Team: DJ Paul, Panic and Lars who have performed in the 90?s at many raves and in many clubs to show off their typical sounds. So they will also try to recollect memories from that time.
At almost every edition this man was present: The Darkraver! So no chance he will be missed this night. Nothing less than entertainment and surprising deejay sets you can expect from this ?always smiling? guy.
Buzz Fuzz with his attractive skills represents the from the old days Dreamteam. And so we can link further to Thunderdome where Lady Dana was active almost every time. This woman has earned her name widespread. And when we think of Thunderdome we also think of Delirium, the man from the States who shall be flown in town!
For the real old skool fans Human Resource (Dominator) and DJ Rob & Mc Joe (Parkzicht Rotterdam) will make sure there?s enough variation in this area. And The Vinyljunk and the Early Bastards shall complete the line-up!

Tickets + Earlybird special action!
Watch out: because this edition is an anniversary edition, there will be a special early bird action until September 1st. The early birds who buy there tickets before September 1st, tickets will only cost ? 37,00. After this date, the normal price is of strength again.

The tickets for this special Raving Nightmare jubilee edition will cost ? 42,- (ex fee) and are available at http://www.Ticketonline.nl"; class="postlink (including all free recordshops), all Primera shops & Paylogic in Holland, in Belgium at http://www.FNAC.be"; class="postlink and in Germany through all 1500 CTS/ http://www.Eventim.de"; class="postlink and Partyticket.de. As usual all regular UHM presale points in Holland, Germany & Belgium shall be supplied with hardcopy tickets. E-tickets are sold through the UHM webshop (http://www.u-h-m.com/E-tickets.asp"; class="postlink).

Vip tickets
No doubt about it that the rumerous Vip tickets are available. Just watch out, there will be no separate Vip area this time like previous editions. This due to the fact that there will be a Vip deck in the early rave (3rd) area, nearby the DJ stage where you have xclusive access as a Vip. Only at this deck there will unlimited drinks (beer, softdrinks, whine) and food present. Other privileges are: separate Vip entrance, free toilet, free wardrobe and you?ll receive a special Raving gadget. This ticket will cost ? 85,- and are xlcusively for sale at the UHM webshop as E-ticket and at some presale addresses as a hardcopy ticket.

To keep up to date check http://www.ravingnightmare.com"; class="postlink and http://www.u-h-m.com"; class="postlink regularly.

Area 1 Divine intervention (Hardcore)
Stunned Guys
Paul Elstak
Meccano Twins
Tha Playah
The Wishmaster
Mr Sinister

LIVE Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied
LIVE Endymion
LIVE Neophyte

Hosted by: Mc M Shane

Area 2 Dungeon of the breeds (Industrial)
Armagedon Project
Outside Agency
The DJ Producer
Manu le Malin
Mark N

LIVE Dr Macabre
LIVE Matt Green
LIVE Gabba Front Berlin
LIVE Massacre

Hosted by: Mc Justice

Area 3 Temple of the divine (Classics)
The Darkraver
Forze DJ team
Lady Dana
Buzz Fuzz
Rob & Mc Joe
Human Resource
Early Bastards

LIVE PCP feat Marc Acardipane

Hosted by: The T-Mc

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Mhhh, Manu le Malin & Y-brid 8)

Aber wo ist denn da der Breakcore?

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