#1 RE: 15.6.12 - Evil Rave @ RDLR, Zürich von dean 02.06.2012 18:14

Fr. 15.6.12 | ab 23h
RDLR | Rue de la Revolution | 8004 Zürich

NHK`Koyxen (PAN) http://pan-act.com"; class="postlink
Dj Scotch Bonnet (Small but hard) http://www.small-but-hard.com"; class="postlink

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NHK'KOYXEN is Kouhei Matsunaga's solo sonic noisy dubby breakbeats project.

*Kouhei Matsunaga:
Born in Osaka, a musician and drawing artist. Lives in Osaka and Berlin. He started drawing during childhood under the influence of his grandfather. He grew up listening to hardcore-techno and hiphop, studied architecture and has been making music since 1992.
His 1st album "Upside Down" was released by Mille Plateaux (Germany) in 1998, also Collaborated with Merzbow, Sensational, Autechre's Sean Booth, Mika Vainio Conrad Schnitzler, Anti pop consorium's High Priest, Puppetmastaz crew, Asmus Tietchens and so on. and he is working by couple of alias. Started a label Flying Swimming for publishing and planning event for experimental contemporary music and art from 2002.

DJ Scotch Bonnet

Swapping GameBoys and 8-bit limitation for a hefty distortion unit, Ishihara delves deep into the world of bass-driven hip-hop breaks. dj scotch bonnet melds dense distorted beats with his signature pop sensibility, referencing Scorn, NHK, and the dance music culture of new home-town, Berlin.
A maverick, crazed with energy and excess creativity, Ishihara's chance meeting with Kouhei Matsunaga spurred an isotopic explosion of activity and inspiration; the result was the new dope style distorted bass and beats of dj scotch bonnet. Ishihara is prolific in his output, and has collaborated with E-Da (ex Boredoms) in epic psychedelic outfit DRUM EYES; works with Bo Ningen's Taigen Kawabe, and Dokkebi Q's Gorgonn in dub distortion unit DEVILMAN, and also plays bass in newly reformed electronic pioneers, SEEFEEL. He has performed at major festivals including Roskilde, Glastonbury, and Primavera; and has shared bills with a diverse selection of artists including Devo, Lightning Bolt, and MF Doom.

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