#1 RE: Possible Europe Tour (Subvert Records & Dollar Bin Music von Subvert 23.07.2009 10:07

Hello everybody

Animal Intelligence and Kybernetik (Bastard & Tempest) are planning to go on Europe tour from July - ? 2010. We don?t have any specific dates yet, but have been in touch with some cool crews from the UK, Holland, Germany and Switzerland who surprisingly are interested to see us playing at one of their events.

As soon as we have enough interests (we need to collect money for the flight of Mr. Intelligence, paying our shits in that time ect..) we will plan more detailed. All in all, we?re pretty easy to deal with, and if you?re cool with our terms, you will have a deal.

We?re not hunting for the money but we made far too many bad experiences in the past and don?t want to get fucked again even if flight costs are very expensive.

So, we are 3 guys playing Industrial Hardcore and Breakbeats from their computers and one of them is cutting shits over it and would love to see some more spots all across Europe (or worldwide?!) and meet more interesting guys.
If you are keen to get more detailed informations about us, or about the tour, than feel free to contact us over e-mail:

Forward this message to everyone you think they?d be interested in.

Stay tuned for more infos



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